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趣赢平台 draws on 60 years of excellence in statistical research and data science, data collection and management, evaluation, 提供技术援助,同时优先考虑社区和合作,以追求创新和战略增长.

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趣赢平台是一家员工所有的专业服务公司,提供高质量的研究和信息服务,有助于改善医疗保健, education, and many other program areas.

我们成功的关键一直是我们的员工所有者, and in addition to our work, we are committed to supporting the communities in which we live and work. Join us and build your career, improving lives through research.

Erin Wiley, Senior Statistician, joined 趣赢平台 20 years ago. Her longevity is driven by the culture and vitality of the staff, and working alongside prestigious names within the statistics community.

Corporate Jobs

Our corporate job opportunities include research and administrative positions requiring a wide range of expertise, such as designing surveys, analyzing data, evaluating programs, and communicating results. 这些职位也支持研究活动, including accounting, contracts, 业务拓展及市场推广, IT, field services, and more.

Field Data Collector Jobs

野外数据采集器对趣赢平台至关重要. 我们经过专门培训的现场工作人员对于通过访问人们的家庭或企业获得高质量的数据至关重要, 通过从记录和数据库中抽象数据, 通过实施标准化考试, and more. 趣赢平台的数据收集人员在全国各地的社区内进行接触,以获得有关重要主题的反馈和答案.

Internship Program

Internships provide real-life exposure to working on meaningful projects and research, 同时在该领域最好的指导下,体验对社会科学研究动态的广泛概述. 实习是一种实践教育, and we’re proud to offer these opportunities across our topic areas.

Group of interns
趣赢平台 summer interns

趣赢平台’s Summer Internship Program is 9 weeks and offers opportunities to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students to engage in tangible work and educational experiences, learning more about the social science research field and the business of a government contractor.


趣赢平台 only considers online applications submitted to our company website. We do not 使用Google Hangouts或WhatsApp进行招聘. 学习更多关于保护自己免受 Employment Fraud.

趣赢平台’s Corporate Culture

我们致力于趣赢平台. We are passionate problem-solvers and approach each challenge from all angles with investigative curiosity. As an employee-owned company, our strength is in our staff, 建立在多元化基础上的员工队伍, equity, and inclusion.

Our company is rooted in respect for our team members and our individual differences, and we use all those perspectives to strengthen our teamwork and collaboration. It is from this diversity of perspectives that we can find solutions to any challenges our clients may face.


We improve lives by delivering exceptional data-driven research and technical assistance, 培养促进健康的见解和解决方案, education, 以及社会和经济机会.


Meaningful work. We are passionate about work that has a positive impact on individuals and society.

Uncompromising excellence. We bring integrity and rigor to deliver quality in everything we do.

Client commitment. We serve our clients with dedication, expertise, deep understanding, and humility.

Innovative solutions. Our shared curiosity and problem-solving helps us push the boundaries of what is possible.

Inclusion and belonging. We foster a welcoming and collaborative culture that respects and empowers everyone, supports growth and well-being, 并重视各种形式的公平和多样性.

Employee ownership. As employee owners, 我们的行动是为了韦斯特的最大利益, 是公司资源的好管家吗, 分享我们共同的成功.


Client-centric. 我们的承诺是把客户放在第一位, 以创新迎接挑战, insight, and commitment to open, responsive, and reliable relationships. 仅仅因为我们现在为客户所做的是有效的, we continually look for new strategies to meet tomorrow’s needs. We don’t rest on our laurels; we continue to explore best methods moving forward.

Collaborative. The foundation of 趣赢平台, since our very first day in 1963, is collaboration. As we’ve grown, our cross-area collaboration has set us apart from our competitors and is a draw to clients, 在哪里我们可以策略性地运用我们的专家和专业知识来定制研究策略,以满足研究需求. You get the opportunity to work with the best and the brightest in a range of projects.

Balanced. 我们工作是为了生活,而不是为了工作而生活. 我们公司理解你有工作之余的生活. 我们支持并鼓励那些能让你追求自己的兴趣,并为你的家庭腾出时间和精力的举措, volunteering, and health-related activities.

We provide additional benefits like employee discounts and social and personal growth opportunities. Our in-house Be Well@趣赢平台 program offers resources for mental, financial, and physical health.

米歇尔·阿姆斯巴里,副总统 & 副主任,在韦斯特工作了24年. 她讨论了如何打造合格的团队, relationships with clients, 以及在员工所有的公司工作是什么感觉.

多样性、公平和包容 (DEI)

We are committed to building a diverse workforce and a culture of inclusivity, belonging, and equity for all. 我们的目标是创造一个人人都受到重视的环境, respected, 并得到成长和繁荣的支持.

We believe that our greatest strength draws on the different backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, 以及我们员工的经验. 思想的多样性推动着我们的创新和创造, enriches our work, and serves as a cornerstone of our role as an industry leader.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. Our unwavering commitment to these principles is our way of doing business. 我们积极向受保护阶层伸出援手, including veterans, persons with disabilities, women, and minority organizations. Qualified applicants are considered in a nondiscriminatory manner regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, genetic information, gender identity or expression, 或任何其他受适用法律保护的身份.


Our EEOP Utilization Report is available upon request from the EEO/AAP Coordinator, Human Resources.

Total Rewards and Benefits

Our Total Rewards program is our comprehensive company-branded package of benefits for you to participate in. Our outlook is to assist and support you with your overall well-being, 从健康到职业发展, compensation, and retirement savings. We strive to provide positive and engaging work ex​​periences so you can excel and have a fulfilling career.​​  

Raji Riggs, 总奖励部副主任, 讨论了韦斯特的健康和保健计划, 福利,比如员工援助计划, employee stock ownership plan, and our 401(k).

Health and Insurance Coverage

我们的员工是我们最重要的资产. Providing you with the healthcare and insurance benefits you need is key. Through Be Well@趣赢平台, we provide eligible employees a range of packages that help them meet their unique needs.

  • Health Care

    一个健康的你是一个富有成效的你, 所以我们在这些选择中提供了一系列的供应商和选择,这样你就可以找到最适合你的健康计划, including HMOs, traditional health plans, and high-deductible plans. 您有首选供应商吗? 你在寻找灵活的选择吗? 趣赢平台为您提供一系列医疗保健选择.

  • Dental Care

    不是所有的公司都提供牙科保健计划,但我们有. We recognize that dental health is tied to physical health and well-being, 所以我们为你提供医疗保健计划包括牙科保健, 以及个人牙科计划, 这样你就有机会得到你想要的治疗.

  • Vision Care

    我们的医疗保健计划提供打折的视力服务, but we also provide other vision care programs where you can expand your options to more providers, 包括私人诊所和其他零售商. 我们的一些选择扩展到在线零售商,这样您就可以专注于精确的框架或眼部护理选择,以获得挑剔的外观.

  • 健康储蓄和支出账户

    Get pre-tax savings by opting in for health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts, 这取决于你选择的医疗保健计划. 这些选择是建立医疗费用储备的好方法,也可以在全年或一段时间内满足这些费用.

Other Insurance

  • Accident Insurance

    事故的发生,其本质是不可预料的,如果造成严重伤害,可能会造成重大损失. To help, 我们提供意外保险计划,包括自费医疗费用和非医疗费用,包括在您康复期间去看医生的旅费.

  • Critical Illness Insurance

    A catastrophic illness, like cancer or a stroke, can be a significant financial burden. It’s something you don’t plan for, but you can plan to handle…just in case. 趣赢平台 offers a plan to help you with medical expenses for unexpected critical illnesses.

  • Disability Insurance

    We offer basic long-term disability at no cost; that’s right, at no cost to you. This insurance can provide you the peace of mind against the unforeseen, like a disability, illness, injury, 或者孩子的出生让你无法工作. 趣赢平台 also offers employees the option to elect short-term disability insurance.

  • Life Insurance

    We’ve got you covered. 趣赢平台 offers basic life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment coverage at no cost to you…again, at no cost to you. You can opt to add supplemental life insurance to fit your needs. In case of your spouse’s or domestic partner’s unexpected death, 这一福利可以帮助那些落后的人.

  • Legal and ID Theft Insurance

    With so much of our personal information available on the web, 我们很容易遭受诈骗和身份盗用. 我们的员工可以选择个人或家庭保险来帮助我们解决这些不可预见的和昂贵的问题,这些问题可能会耗尽我们的情感和经济.

  • Pet Insurance

    Our pets are important members of our families, and we want to keep them safe and healthy, too. 我们通过ASPCA©宠物健康保险为猫和狗提供保险,以帮助抵消饲养所有家庭成员的成本, including these 4-legged ones, healthy.


  • Vacation Leave

    抽出时间给自己充电对你的个人健康和保持工作质量都很重要. You’ll accrue vacation hours every pay period based on your grade and years of service.

  • Sick Leave

    如果你生病了,我们希望你请假养病. And sick leave provides income protection when you or your family member is ill, disabled, or receiving medical care.

  • Family and Medical Leave

    Life happens. 《趣赢平台》(FMLA)保护你的工作,这样你就可以专注于重要的家庭需求,比如请假照顾新生儿, adopting a child, taking care of yourself or a family member with a serious health condition, qualifying exigencies related to the foreign deployment of a military member, or taking care of a servicemember with a serious injury or illness.

  • Parental Leave

    我们认识到早期与孩子建立联系的重要性. 韦斯特大学提供育儿假,这样你就可以在家庭新成员到来的关键早期呆在家里,而不用担心在工作中失去优势. This benefit applies to fostering and adopting children, too.

Retirement Plan



我们为公司的员工所有者感到自豪. We recognize that our individual efforts and commitment make a difference in the overall success of the company, fueling the continued high value of our work to clients and society. Each year since 1977, 通过员工持股计划(ESOP), 符合条件的员工参与者将获得股票. Every day you work at 趣赢平台, you’re recognized for your commitment with this unique deferred compensation program.


Our defined contribution 401(k) provides you with tax-deferred, retirement-oriented benefits. 趣赢平台将员工供款比例定为5%. With a 401(k), you can make pre-tax and/or Roth contributions and build that safety net, a cushion for your future.  

Career Development

Adele Polson shares her career growth at 趣赢平台 from Research Associate to a Senior Study Director.

我们致力于为您提供一个可以在您的职业生涯中充分发展并追求您感兴趣的工作的环境. 工作范围之广令人振奋. Whether it’s contributing to research to ensure the safety of the blood supply, supporting clinical trials to eradicate chronic and infectious diseases, 或者支持教育工作者提高学生的成功, you can do it at 趣赢平台.

Career Progression and Growth

我们的职业发展框架计划可以帮助您概述您的职业发展目标,并提供与您的技能和兴趣相一致的职业发展机会. 我们为您提供灵活的职业规划, 无论你是刚开始工作, in mid-career, or focused on executive roles. We are committed to ensuring opportunities for progression and growth.

Professional Development

加入韦斯特,保持在工作的最前沿. We provide eligible employees the opportunity to attend professional conferences, join professional associations to enhance the scope of your network, 并接受内部技术培训. 我们将支持你的学费和课本报销,为相关的教育项目,保持你的技能锋利.

Working at 趣赢平台

Remote and Hybrid Work Options

我们的员工经常根据自己的角色和职责远程工作,在满足个人和家庭需求的同时保持无缝的生产力,并提供适应能力,以应对大流行或其他不可预见事件造成的任何可能的中断. We provide options for those who also want to come into the office on a varied schedule. We recognize your productivity is linked to your work-life balance, 这些选择都能满足这些需求.


Our headquarters campus is centrally located in the Washington, DC, metro region, close to our clients and easily accessible from the interstate, metro rail, and bus lines.


Our sunny on-site café on our headquarters campus is a great place to take a coffee break, 坐下来享受一顿美味的饭菜, 要和同事或客户开会, 或者干脆拿一顿饭带回家. Our culinary staff whip up some great breakfast and lunch options, 我们的快餐是一个很好的选择, too, 包括定制选择.

Fitness Center

Our fitness center on our headquarters campus has state-of-the-art strength and aerobic equipment, lockers and showers, towel service, and a dedicated group exercise room where a variety of exercise classes for any fitness level are provided. 所有这些都以每月较低的会员费提供,这样你就可以在没有找到健身房的情况下进行良好的锻炼.

photo of fitness center room
趣赢平台’s fitness center

Satellite Offices

Our clients and partners are located across the nation and around the globe. We’ve established offices near them to more nimbly meet their challenges and needs. 我们的卫星办事处为客户提供了灵活性,可以及时与我们联系,以解决他们的研究需求.

Travel Subsidy and Parking

我们补贴所有乘坐公共交通工具的员工, 为他们提供机会,使税前扣除过境帐户的目的是出差工作. 所有趣赢平台办公室为员工提供免费停车. Charging stations for electric vehicles are available at our Rockville campus.

staff at picnic table

Headquarters Move Announcement

We’re excited to announce that our headquarters will be relocating to Bethesda, Maryland, in the last quarter of 2025. This move brings numerous advantages as it is strategically positioned near our clients and partners, 根据我们的操作要求量身定制, 并旨在提高员工的工作经验.

Our new address will be 7501 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland. Situated just 10 miles south of our current campus, this location offers exceptional accessibility. It’s conveniently located directly across from the Bethesda Metro station on the Red Line and the bus depot. Also, it provides easy access to the Washington Beltway and I-270, and has on-site free parking.

The amenities at our new location will support a productive and enjoyable work environment. From hybrid and full-time onsite offices to conference facilities, a café, and a fitness center, we’re committed to providing a space that meets the diverse needs of our team. Just outside our new office door are many great restaurants, retailers, 还有繁华市中心的艺术场所.

As we approach the move-in date, we’ll keep you updated with any developments. We look forward to welcoming you to our new headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland.

Proudly Employee Owned

趣赢平台 is 100% employee-owned. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) allows staff to earn stock and share in company profits. 我们相信员工所有权是我们成长的关键因素——我们共同致力于追求卓越,并在为客户提供最佳解决方案的使命中相互支持. Our engagement in our work can and does make a difference in our success.




趣赢平台是美国的官方合作伙伴.S. Department of Defense’s 军人配偶就业伙伴关系(MSEP), part of the ranks of employers that have hired 180,000+ military spouses across the country. MSEP connects military spouses with hundreds of partner employers who have committed to recruit, hire, promote, and retain military spouses.

Military spouses often face barriers to rewarding and long-term employment because of their frequent relocations. MSEP及其合作伙伴通过为这些合格的配偶提供就业联系,努力克服这些问题. 我们很荣幸能与MSEP合作, 这样我们就能直接接触到熟练技工了, diverse, motivated, and adaptable workforce. 

Forbes Awards

韦斯特经常登上福布斯“最佳”榜单, 哪些雇主会根据规模来关注他们, 同时也是多元化的最佳雇主, women, veterans, and more. Rankings are based on independent surveys and are across professional sectors. We are proud to be recognized consistently from employees on these issues.



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